About Us


Nur Technik began in a residential two-car garage with David and Mike Trumble, two brothers and fellow European automotive enthusiasts. After months of repairing and modifying many vehicles, we were finally ready to make the move to a commercial location with greater possibilities. We chose a centrally located building in the heart of the Twin Cities south metro. After initially securing a location, we began renovating with the vision of a high end boutique style European performance shop. With the word of mouth growing our customer base at an unbelievable rate we spent our first 2 years at our 1st location and in 2013 moved into our current location (1104 Riverwood Dr).

With five years of engineering education, the owner/founder David Trumble, has a vast knowledge of the complexity of modern automobiles. Growing up in a highly entrepreneurial family, David has sought his own performance facility since his initial introduction to performance cars in high school. Having been a car enthusiast for years, we understand the difficulty in finding a shop that will do quality work and give you a great deal. Because of this we strive to provide the best customer service, pricing, and quality every day.

At Nur Technik our goal will always be quality and customer service. There are numerous places to take your vehicle to be serviced or modified, but at Nur Technik, we promise to help you in any way possible to choose the proper equipment, modifications, and procedures to ensure your satisfaction and your vehicles well being. Our ultimate goal at Nur Technik is to become a performance parts production and installation facility. With increasing business will come production equipment (ie: CNC Mills) and a variety of performance engineered parts custom made to fit your European car.




David Trumble


David Trumble cofounded Nur Technik in 2011 with his brother Mike. Now the sole owner, he is a master technician for all German makes. Running Nur Technik, David has sought to create a shop with great morals and a high performance environment. His current vehicle is a 2010 Audi S4 with Stage 2 EPL tune, CTS Turbo supercharger pulley upgrade, Stasis exhaust, H&R suspension, BBS wheels, Michelin PSS tires, Eurocode F&R sway bars, AWE Tuning intake, and Eurocode Alu Kreuz stabilizer plate


Rathana Moua

Shop Foreman

Rathana Moua (Rat aka 2.7T master) joined the Nur Technik Team in April 2014. He is our shop foreman and highest level performance technician, specializing in all German car repair/modification. His current vehicle is a 2005 Audi S4 Avant. He has completed many 2.7T retrofit swaps and has mastered the engine in all of its complexity.


Troy Flategraff

Performance Technician

Troy Flategraff joined the Nur Technik Team in October 2014. He is a high level performance technician specializing in Audi/VW repair and modification. His current vehicle is a 2002 Audi A4 quattro avant with a stage 3+ 2.7 twin turbo and 6 speed swap.